Agriculture Division

Knowing the nutritional status of soil and infectious disease-causing organisms in soil and plant are necessary to plant fertilization and protection application schedules. We provide various analytical services helpful for planning and execution of successful crop production programme.

Nematode analysis

The worm like organism causing heavy damage to plant root. Soil with coarse nature is more likely to have nematode infection. Nematodes can destroy the crops. Best way to control losses due to nematode is to analyse and know nematode population in soil or growing media. It helps us to plan control strategies.

The soil sample from root zone needs to be collected and packed into plastic bag/container and shipped to us within 3 days. Fill the request form if you wish to avail this service.

Soil analysis

Knowing the nutritional status of soil is useful to plan the fertilization programme. Soil analysing gives us an idea about the amount of plant nutrients present as well as chemical, physical and biological properties of the soil. Please follow the following steps to send a sample for soil analysis.

  • Make a pit with a shovel
  • Cut the sides of pit vertically
  • Collect the soil from vertical cuts
  • Collect samples from various parts of the farm and mix together
  • Spread it on paper by forming a circle.
  • Make four parts and discard two opposite sections
  • Repeat this process once again.
  • Take remaining soil, pack it in a zip pouch and send to our lab for analysis.

Fill the request form if you wish to avail this service.

Plant disease identification

Plant disease diagnostic service includes diagnosis of fungal, bacterial, nematode and viral pathogens. Timely analysis can prevent heavy losses in the future. We use traditional techniques as well as modern DNA based methods like DNA fingerprinting. Fill the request form to avail this service and send samples packed in loose plastic bag. Put this bag in a box and sent a sealed box to our lab.

Biopesticide and Biofertilizer testing and analysis

Quality, performance, and stability of any product is important for its commercial success. We provide services to test biopesticides and biofertilizer with respect to its active ingredient stability, bioefficacy. Submit your inquiry for product testing by sending request form.