Agriculture Division

Agriculture Department

The agriculture division of Green Vision is committed to protecting agriculture with sustainable solutions to manage plant health and productivity. With the help of cutting edge technology-based products, we have provided perfect solutions for sustainable pest and disease management as well as improved productivity in agriculture.

Our emphasis is to design products having synergy with nature. Hence the active
ingredients of our products belong to the microbe or plant-based.

Agriculture Products

Biopesticides : (Biorational/Botanical pesticides and Microbial pesticides)

The use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers are the major cause of contamination of the food chain. They are causal agents for diseases like cancer and infertility in humans. These complex chemicals are difficult to degrade and accumulate in body fat. Biopesticides are developed to replace chemicals. They are prepared from natural sources like the plant, animal or microbe. It’s a safer tool to control pests and diseases in agriculture. At Green Vision, we have developed a range of biopesticides useful for the management of various problems faced by an organic grower.

Biopesticides Are Classified As

Our product range contains

Bio miticides and insecticides

These products are derived from plant extract. The bioactive molecules are stabilized and formulated for suitable applications. M-Impact, Horti-Impact, LRV 440, TRP-440, are biorational pesticides developed for control of sucking insects like red spider mite, thrips, mealybug, whitefly, and aphids.

Microbial pesticides

Apart from plant-based products we have microbial products like Green-Verticillium, Tricho-Green, Micromix-Protect, Micromix-Biofert, Pseudo Green, Green-Beauveria, Meta Green.

Bio nematicide

This class of biopesticide designed to manage plant nematodes. Microbial, as well as plant extracts are used as nematicide. Proshield NemaGone is successfully used for this task. Active molecules from essential oils are stabilised and formulated in Proshield NemaGone. In our basket, we have another microbial product Green-Paecilo is based on entomopathogenic fungus Paecilomyces fumosoroseus.

Bio fungicide

Fungal diseases are difficult to manage. Microorganisms like Pseudomonas fluorescence & Trichoderma and plants like Cinnamon are efficient bio fungicides. Tricho-Green and FTA bio fungicides are based on these active ingredients.

Biofertilizers : (Microbial and plant-based fertilizers)

Fertilizer prepared from a living organism like plant, animal or microbe is called as biofertilizer. Biofertilizers are good alternative sources for chemical fertilizers. They provide essential nutrients to the plants by natural process. Biofertilizers supply nutrients including major as well micronutrients.

Classification of Biofertilizers
Spray adjuvants

Spray adjuvants are useful to improve the performance of inputs used in agriculture. They protect, increase performance and delivery of active ingredients. It includes spreader, wetter, penetrant, colorant, pH buffers, feeding stimulant etc. Major categories of spray adjuvants are

Spreader Suspending agent Buffer Builder
Wetter Plant penetrant Inverting agent Extender
Sticker Translocator Soil penetrant Sinking agent
Activator Drift retardant Stabilizing agent Protectant binder
Emulsifier Compatibility agent Feeding stimulant pH enhancer
Dispersant Foam retardant Washing agent Antioxidant