Business Division

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Agriculture Division

The agriculture division of Green Vision is committed to serve agriculture with sustainable solutions to manage plant health and productivity. With the help of cutting edge technology based products, we have provided perfect solutions for sustainable pest and diseases management as well as improved productivity in agriculture….

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Specialty Chemicals and Pharma Intermediates Division

Center for multidisciplinary Industrial research (CMIRD)
CMIRD is division of Green Vision working in the field of active organic ingredients, intermediates and specialty chemicals. It carets research needs in chemical and life sciences by delivering advance discovery, contract research, and manufacturing solutions. With help of well equipped laboratory, multidisciplinary team, scaling up and manufacturing facility makes us perfect partner in contract research and manufacturing of these products.

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Environment Division

Our environment division works in R & D, supply and manufacturing of innovative products, analytical services and consultancy in environmental sciences. Critical waste management, pollution control, dust control and odor control are our targeted area. We achieve this goal with our multidisciplinary team having expertise in chemistry, microbiology, biotechnology and environmental science...

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Green Vision is pioneer in development of innovative solutions for agriculture, environment, biotechnology & speciality chemicals.

We are contributing to these areas with innovative products and services since a decade. Our emphasis is on development of import substitutes.

Manufacturing Unit

Manufacturing facility at Pune, Maharashtra State India

Farmer Training

Numerous trainings conducted for farmers to address their problems and provide solutions.

R&D Labs

Well equipped organic chemistry, phytochemistry and microbiology lab.

Distributors Network

Pan India dealers and distributors network.

Organic Products

Wide range of safe, certified organic eco-friendly products.

Social Responsibility

Various activities for social awareness.

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